Welcome to Sridharkati Hingalganj Youth Computer Training Centre.
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Course Categories

Certificate Courses

In this course, you get to know the basics of the computer and when passed you get a certificate that aids you in future jobs.

Diploma Courses

In this course, you get to know a little bit more than just the basic knowledge of the computer. This helps you get good jobs.

Advance Diploma Courses

You learn about some intricate things regarding software and computer. This enhances your knowledge and stabilizes your growth.

Career Development Courses

If want to grow your career with the computer courses, then this career development course is very important for you.

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Welcome to Sridharkati Hingalganj Youth Computer Training Centre

Sridharkati Hingalganj Youth Computer Training Center is one of the most precious computer training centers. It not only helps you learn things properly but guide you on such a manner that once you learn from this training center you are unable to forget anything you learned. We inculcate the knowledge deep within you so that you carry on with your knowledge for life long.

Do not waste your time in any other computer-coaching center. Rather get admitted to this coaching center and flourish.

Why Choose us

Choose us because your career should grow in the right hands

Modern Computer Lab

We have the best modern Computer lab for your better learning.


Experienced Faculty

Our faculty is the most experienced and educated one. They help you grow proper.


Extensive Courses

Our courses are extensive & advanced. It not only helps you learn better rather greater.


Quick Support

We provide is quick and fascinating. Your questions are answered soon.



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Computers are made up of both software and hardware and they require cooler places to keep working for long hours.

Never switch off your computer directly rather shut it down properly and they switch it off.

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